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Sep 22, 2023
Hey everyone! 👋 The Cases for Cash promo is back!💰🥳

Got a successful case? Share it with us and we'll pay you up to $300 and increase your PO rate by 10% on any offer for 10 days.

Please read the requirements carefully and if it sounds good, send your success story to be posted on our blog.

The promo will be running until we announce its closure in this thread.

❗Case requirements ❗

  1. Recency of the case
A case should not be older than 3 months from the date of campaign launch.
Example: if you are submitting your case in January 2024, your campaign launch date should be no later than October 2023.

  • The campaign was launched over 3 months ago, but is still active and generating conversions at the time the case study was sent;
  • Campaigns with more than $1,000 in profits.
  1. Minimum case profitability
The total profit from promoting an offer on the Golden Goose platform must be at least $500.
  1. Case language
We accept cases in English and Russian.

❗Content Requirements:❗

1) Introduction

Key information about the campaign:
  • campaign duration,
  • the name of the offer and its ID,
  • GEO,
  • landing/pre-landing pages,
  • banners and creatives,
  • traffic source,
  • costs, profits and ROI.
  • screenshots of the campaign settings and results

2) Preparation
  • Why did you choose this particular offer and these landing/pre-landing pages?
  • How did you test your offer?
  • Have you made any changes to your landing/pre-landing pages? If yes, which ones? Why?
  • If you used a tracker, which one? How did you get the link at Golden Goose and set up postback?
  • Have you used cloaking or different domains? If so, why?
  • Other: here you can mention other tools or programs that helped you in launching your campaign.

3) Launch
  • Which creatives were used and which participated in the test: strategies and hypotheses. Why them? Which ones got the most conversions, and which ones performed the worst?
  • How was the target audience researched and identified?
  • Examples of creatives with texts.

4) Conclusion
Describe the analysis of traffic sources and target audience. What conclusions you drew and what advice or recommendations you can give to readers based on the campaign.

❓How to maximize your reward?​

The maximum reward for a case is $300 and 10% increased payout rate on any offer you choose for 10 days. When evaluating cases, we will pay attention to the following points:

1. Profit
The higher the profit of your campaign, the more we will pay. Please note, you must confirm your result with screenshots from your personal GG account.

2. Quality of text and detail
The more detailed and interesting your case study is and the more value it provides to the audience, the more we will pay.

❓How to get a reward for a case?​

  1. Send your case study to money@gg.agency. Be sure to include "Case study PROMO" in the email header and specify how to get in touch with you via Skype or Telegram.
  2. Our team will review the case carefully and contact you to agree on a reward. This may take up to 7 working days.
  3. The money will be transferred to your account on the Golden Goose platform.