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Zeropark is a performance ad exchange specializing in domain and pop traffic. We provide advertisers with traffic that converts! #affiliatemarketing.

Zeropark is one of the most well-known names in the advertising industry. The company has been around for over 10 years and during that time it has been pioneering an innovative approach and the scale of offered services.

However, with so many new advertising networks appearing on the market, is Zeropark still a good choice in 2021? Read the review below, learn about the Zeropark advertising services and decide for yourself!

What does Zeropark have to offer?

Zeropark is one of the classic ad networks with the standard set of pop, push, in-page push, and domain redirect traffic. The campaign types include RON campaign, source campaign, target campaign, as well as keyword or multi-geo campaign. They have to offer years of experience in managing campaigns and building a solid, functional platform that is convenient for both beginners and experienced affiliates. But let’s get into more details about their traffic.

Full page popup traffic

Zeropark offers 53 billion monthly impressions for pop traffic. Pops which work with the CPV (cost-per-view) model are ads appearing in a new tab in a desktop browser and a new window in the case of mobile traffic. The cost of an impression starts at $0.0001. Also, in Zeropark you can target countries, regions, cities, devices, OS, OS versions, and carriers.

For the fans of e-commerce, Zeropark has a sub-type of pops, that is, injection traffic. It lets you place your ads under keywords on thematically related websites. It works especially well during the shopping season in Q4.

Huge push ads inventory

Zeropark’s push ads have an available monthly volume of 400 million clicks. Push ads are delivered directly to users’ devices, making them one of the most effective ad types. The available options also include web push ads and in-page push ads. You can test up to 10 creatives at once. Push ads in Zeropark work with the CPC (cost-per-click) model and the prices start at $0.005.

Domain redirect traffic with precise keyword targeting

Domain redirects at Zeropark have an available monthly volume of 1 billion impressions. This is traffic coming from users typing in incorrect or unused domain names in the address bar of a browser. This is the ad format that allows for the most precise user-targeting (keyword targeting). The cost of domain traffic starts at $0.0003 per view depending on your targeting settings.

In this thread, you can discuss and ask questions about working with mVAS offers in Zeropark

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