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WebMoney Transfer is an international payment system and online business environment founded in 1998. During this time, more than 45 million people around the world have joined the system.

The WebMoney system provides services that allow you to keep records, exchange settlement funds, raise financing, resolve disputes and conclude secure transactions.

All transactions in the system are instant and irrevocable.

WebMoney technology is based on providing all System participants with unified interfaces for direct management of their property rights to valuables stored in specialized companies - Guarantors.

Members of the System have the opportunity to open wallets with any Guarantor. For convenience, the wallets of one user are combined into a vault (keeper) that has a user registration number - WMID.

The unit of measurement of property rights to valuables is the title unit of WebMoney (WM) of the corresponding type.

To interact with the System participants, each participant provides the necessary data about his personality, which are verified and confirmed as authentic through the distributed WM-certification service.

Based on operations with other participants in the exchange of property rights, the System calculates a public parameter for each participant - the Business Level.

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