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ROI 50% from Golden Goose offers to Botswana


Case information

GEO: Botswana
VERTICAL: Mainstream
Affiliate program: GoldenGoose
ROI: 50%
Profit: $391.695
Traffic flow period: 08/09/2021 — 09/28/2021


I decided to write a couple of lines about my successful experience with Golden Goose.


For the test, I chose the PropellerAds ad network. Oneclick advertising format, CPA Goal 2.0 payment model. It was decided to create two advertising campaigns for each type of traffic, WiFi and Orange operator.

The WiFi campaign did not perform well, ROI -32%, but you need to understand that 2this is a test without campaign optimization.


The result of the traffic from 08/09/2021 to 08/13/2021

The campaign for the operator Orange showed a good result, immediately plus, even without optimization, ROI 6%.


The result of the traffic from 08/09/2021 to 08/13/2021



After the test, first of all I decided to optimize the campaign on WiFi. Then everything was simple. I excluded minus zones, if a zone has spent one conversion cost, we exclude it. After optimization, I recreated the campaign. I advise you to always re-create campaigns with the CPA Goal 2.0 payment model after optimization, thereby you get more traffic because the campaign is fresh.


The result of the traffic from 08/14/2021 to 08/17/2021



Impressions as well as conversions have decreased, but ROI -3% is already very good. Сontinue to drive traffic and collect the statues.

Let’s move on to optimizing the campaign on Orange. Because the campaign was initially positive, I decided to exclude zones if they spent x2 cost of conversion + did not give a single conversion. Optimized and re-created the campaign.


The result of the traffic from 08/14/2021 to 08/17/2021



consider the result to be successful, ROI 87%, profit has grown.

I used this offer until 09/28/2021, periodically excluding non-converting zones and re-creating campaigns.


The result of the traffic spill of all campaigns from 08/09/2021 to 09/28/2021