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RichPush is a great ad network to obtain scale as well as to test the campaigns. They have a great subscriber list that exceeds 30 million from all over the world and these are real users. As a publisher, you need not worry about losing out on revenue due to fake websites and users. Since they offer high-quality traffic as well as reasonable pricing, you could easily opt for a high return on investment campaign. They have some amazing features such as smart CPA goals which optimize the campaign when you have sufficient data.

RichPush is also capable of split testing multiple creatives (5 or more) so as to collect the data quickly. They also have dedicated push ad experts as well as proprietary optimization technology, which ensures you get the best out of the push ads. It would be great if PayPal was added to their funding options, but keeping that aside, RichPush is a network which is recommended in case you wish to start off with push traffic and in case you intend to scale the profitable campaigns.

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