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Created in 2017, Peerclick has become popular among publishers, performance marketers, webmasters, and affiliates. The system can data-centers handle any volumes of data.

A wide range of universal tools makes this tracker perfect for collecting, analyzing, and evaluating information.

PeerClick constantly strives to develop new features and improve the quality of already existing ones. Here is what you can get with PeerClick:


  • PeerClick tracker is a cloud-based service. It’s especially important if you are taking the first steps in the industry as there is no need to invest in separate servers where you’ll install a self-hosted tracker. This option allows you to save time and money.
  • PeerClick is one of the fastest services on the market due to the data-centers located on 5 continents. If one data center is down, the traffic is redirected to the closest and fastest server. It means your data is always safe, processed and the work keeps running smoothly.
  • Setting up campaigns with different traffic sources and affiliate networks can be time-consuming. In PeerClick it’s really simple due to dozens of integrated sources and affiliate networks templates in one place. All you need to do is to configure campaigns in the PeerClick panel to optimize them. By the way, the interface is user-friendly, simple, and efficient, which allows you to accomplish user goals easily.
  • Use Direct Tracking Pixel if you need to track visits for campaigns without the initial redirect and accelerate the process of redirecting visitors to your landing page. Also, Postback Pixel is an alternative solution to auto-optimization track conversions when S2S postbacks are not supported.
  • With Peerclick, you can easily segment your audience, based on individual rules (city, visitors’ time zone, all kinds of rules for connection, devices, referrer, URL, variables).

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