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How to aplply GG Network?

Golden Goose is an established affiliate network that has been around for more than a decade and has been open to affiliates for a couple of years. Golden Goose is completely focused on mVAS offers, also known as mobile content offers.

When you work with a network you want to make sure that they have a focus and specialize in a 1 or maybe 2-3 verticals max where they’re getting the best offers paired with the best advertisers and payouts. A network that tried to make everything work doesn’t have an edge over other focused networks unless they’re run by huge teams.

Applying to an affiliate network can be a daunting task for new affiliates, as it feels as if you’re applying for a job, and you know if you’re rejected you won’t be able to run the offers.

But fear not, because we’re going to go over a few key points to help you get accepted.

First, you need to go to this page and click the signup button in the right corner. When you sign up with any affiliate network, you want to sign up as a publisher (unless you’re not an affiliate). This can be confusing and I’ve heard many stories of affiliates signing up as advertisers and then getting rejected because they were not.

Fill up your email and contact info and wait until your account is approved. On many occasions, you’re going to receive an email or a message via skype/messenger to get some more info about you and your interests.

Affiliate networks want to filter publishers and make sure they’re working with the right persons, as they have limited time and personnel to attend their publishers. The thighs most affiliate networks want to know are:

  • If you’re an affiliate marketer or an advertiser (hint: if you’re reading this guide, you’re an affiliate)
  • What type of traffic you have available to send to their offers. It’s important to at least have an idea of which traffic sources you’re going to run. Assuming you’re reading this guide, you can say you are buying pop or push traffic. Some affiliates own websites and have organic search traffic or social traffic, while others completely focus on buying traffic. Whatever it is that you do, make sure to tell them you have traffic at hand.
  • Country, ID, valid email address, valid messaging app, to contact you if needed.
  • If you have experience running offers. It’s important to be honest here because it’s easy to spot somebody who’s lying after a few questions. If you have any payment proof (screenshots) from another network or a tracker that will also help, but if you respond correctly, even if you’re just getting started, they will probably accept your application.
  • Finally, they want to know which type of offers you’re looking for. It doesn’t make sense if you run cash on delivery offers but apply to a dating network expecting to find what they don’t offer, right? You’re not going to be an ideal customer. With Golden Goose you’ll find mVAS offers mostly, so make sure that’s what you’re looking for and be clear when they ask about it.