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EVADAV is the Evolving Advertising Network with 2B+ impressions daily worldwide, focused on delivering outstanding value for Publishers and Advertisers. Evadav ensures Advertisers and Publishers get the most from top formats: Native, In-Page, Push, and Pop ads, serving them under optimal CPM and CPC pricing models. At one's disposal are most devices and users from 250+ countries, as EVADAV ads present to advertisers a favorable opportunity to reach the global audience. No limitations in coverage by GEO leads to a growing partnership with core advertisers. We venture to lead the market using the latest technology solutions, acquiring 100% fraud safety and fair&quick moderation. Ingenious utility helps connect 2M+ advertiser's campaigns with over 200M+ unique users, maintaining the EVADAV inventory's continuous growth.

In this thread, you can discuss and ask questions about working with mVAS offers in Evadav

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