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Dolphin Antidetect browser

Antidetect browser from the Dolphin team, the creators of the popular service for automating advertising activities on Facebook. Since the beginning of 2021, the browser has entered the open beta testing stage and has been available for use free of charge. Since August 2021, the browser has become available for full-fledged work on a paid basis.

First of all, Dolphin antidetect is tailored to the needs of traffic arbitrage and account management on platforms such as Google; Facebook; Tik-Tok; VK. But this does not mean that it is limited only to this list, the browser is suitable for working with anti-fraud systems of any complexity.

Browser profiles in Dolphin Anty are based on Google Chrome, which guarantees maximum similarity to a normal user. Each profile is a unique browser fingerprint with a separate web environment. Cache, cookies and other settings are completely isolated from each other. When creating a new profile, the system automatically selects a unique set of browser fingerprints that can be customized if necessary.


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Heyyy, somebody have coupon for tis browser?

Quote from Mungu baba on 22.02.2022, 15:15

Heyyy, somebody have coupon for tis browser?

it's bad. use Camapa