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Daopush Akka is an ad network that works for push notifications alongside native and pop-under ads as well. They began with just Push notifications and soon went on to expand their advertising sector. The bids for Push notification ads begin with as low as $0.001 per click. These notifying ads are a great way to get high-quality traffic and it’s really affordable as well! The mastermind behind this ad network is those who have created Terraleads, ZipMonster, InstallMonster, and many other projects.

One of the greatest things is that the network can optimize the advertisement’s performance from time to time based on the requirement. It can also work based on every country’s different language. Most of the time we place the creatives in English, but when it’ll be published where English is not a frequently used language, then the network will automatically change it only if we allow the ad copy settings to translate.

In this thread, you can discuss and ask questions about working with mVAS offers in