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CPV Lab Pro


CPV Lab Pro is the continuation of the CPV Lab project that started back in 2010. The entire development team that created CPV Lab back then is now in charge of developing and improving CPV Lab Pro.
Our responsive support team is quick in assisting you to solve any issues you may have with your campaigns.

The latest release is version 6.1 from January 2020 which brings new features and improvements requested by many users.

Main CPV Lab Pro Features:

  • Self-Hosted & Secure – runs on your own server which means you have control over the privacy of your data
  • Easy to Use & Integrate – you don’t have to be a programmer to setup and use it as the interface is very intuitive. Get started in less than 30 minutes
  • Online Documentation – complete documentation for all pages and all features, step-by-step tutorials and use cases
  • Track & Optimize Everything – Track, Test and Optimize campaigns across multiple traffic sources with Virtually Unlimited Flexibility
  • GDPR Features – if running traffic from European Union there are options to comply with the GDPR regulations while offering flexibility in tracking
  • API access – Application Programming Interface that allows to extract data from the CPV Lab Pro application into other tools or applications programmatically
  • Heavy Traffic Ready – dedicated module with optimizations for instances with heavy traffic
  • Detailed “Lab Stats” & Reports – In-Depth data for all campaigns including Ads, Keywords, Pages and Offers along with Detailed Revenue Data to quickly Optimize Campaigns. With 20+ Click, Conversion & Revenue Metrics
  • Enterprise-Class Mobile Data – Over 35+ Mobile Data Points to track and optimize campaign performance by Device, Brands, Browser, OS, ISP/Carrier
  • Redirect Profiles – easily create Redirect Rules for your traffic based on a variety of conditions: Mobile metrics, ISP/Carrier, Geographical details and much more
  • Custom Tracking Domains – create Campaign URLs using any of your Custom Domains
  • MV Lab Multivariate Testing Tool – integrated multivariate testing tool designed to allow testing endless variations (texts, colors, images, etc) for a Landing Page so you can easily identify the best variation.

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