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ClickAdilla - Your Advertising GATORway is the Next Generation Ad Network. ClickAdilla is an Innovative Self-Serve platform where you can acquire High Quality Traffic from Exclusive sources. With ClickAdilla you have full control over your Expenses. You can set a bid, see the volume expectations and change the bid whenever you need. Advertisers can use many targeting options, create white/black lists, set hourly/daily caps etc. All you need is to sign up, create a campaign, get the landing approval, load funds and make profit.

ClickAdilla is a premiuim self serving Advertising network for both Advertisers and publishers started in 2017 which serves more than 4.5+ billion traffic / day

Below are some acheivements of Clickadilla

  • Serves More than 4.5+billion traffic
  • Covers 240+ Geos
  • 15,000+ Advertisers
  • 10+ advertising formats

Clickadilla specializes in monitising both mainstream and adult traffic , Majority of their publishers are adult/tube website owners .Clickadilla has more Ad formats than any other ad network (10 ad formats)

In this thread, you can discuss and ask questions about working with mVAS offers in ClickAdilla

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