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BidVertiser is an advertising network with its main focus on technology, optimization and automation. Each month, BidVertiser serves 13 billion ad impressions around the world on both desktop and mobile devices, helping over 80,000 publishers and partners to monetize their traffic via Native Ads, Pop Unders, Direct Ads, Push Notifications and Programmatic XML. For advertisers, BidVertiser offers self-serve traffic buying with accurate targeting, segmentation and automated tracking and optimization. The entire BidVertiser platform was built internally by the BidVertiser's team of engineers, making it flexible and able to quickly adjust to any demand. BidVertiser operates from their office in Tirat Carmel, Israel, with support team located in the UK and data center in San Jose, CA along with distributed data in the cloud.

✔ Native, Push, Direct and Pops

✔ Worldwide Reach

✔ Subid|Geo|Device|OS|Browser|IAB Category|Contextual|Quality|Day Parting

✔ Global Postback and manual conversion upload

✔ Bid automation by CPA target

✔ Blacklisting automation

✔ Whitelisting

✔ Segmented Analytics Reports

✔ High Quality Traffic Only

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