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The teaser network began work in November 2010. The affiliate program allows you to place ads on the Internet, thereby advertising your business.

Available Tools

The webmaster has full targeting settings at his disposal:

- selection of the country where ads will be shown
- selection of devices on which its ads will be visible, among them: computers, tablets, phones
- setting a specific time of day when ads will be displayed
- showing ads only on certain days

How to make money on

1. Register. You create sites for teaser ads yourself or use one of the available sites on

2. Each click on your link is paid from 0.75 rubles. and higher.

3. The control of the source from which your teasers are clicked is carried out by UTM tags and macros.

4. The mechanism for displaying your ads is based on the principle: CTR = cost of the transition, that is, the higher its value, the more often the advertisement will be displayed.

5. In the case of a low CTR, you can work on increasing it yourself: to do this, make your ads more attractive, for example, by changing the image, text content, or expanding geotargeting settings. Another effective method is to increase the cost of transitions.

How much can you earn

On the service, you can both spend (promote your goods and services) and earn on teaser advertising (if there are orders from advertisers). The amount of money earned on the service does not always depend on the number of teasers. So, for example, one teaser can bring from 100 thousand clicks, but only if it is useful and has a good CTR.

Withdrawal and replenishment of funds

Withdrawal of funds only to the WebMoney wallet.
Account replenishment is available via WebMoney, Yandex Money and bank transfers.