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AdPlexity is the leading mobile, desktop and native ad monitoring tool.

The service includes 7 solutions:

- AdPlexity Mobile (mobile advertising monitoring);
- AdPlexity Native (teaser advertising monitoring);
- AdPlexity Desktop (desktop advertising monitoring);
- AdPlexity Adult (advertising monitoring in adult);
- AdPlexity Ecommerce (search service for "hot" "trend" products for your eCommerce business);
- AdPlexity Mobile (3G/proxy service);
-AdPlexity Push (push monitoring).


- large market coverage (75+ countries);
- 80 popular traffic sources, more than 100 CPA networks;
- spaing by mobile operators (120+ operators);
- detailed analysis of campaigns, including the full chain of redirects;
- any banner and pre-landing can be downloaded immediately in .zip including .html .css and javascript;
- convenient filters and sorting.

Hi all

does anybody have promo code?