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What mVAS categories can a beginner start with?

Are you just starting your journey in mVAS?

Need help to choose which verticals and categories to begin with?

With so many options, having a clear direction to maximize your earning potential is important.

Our post is designed to help newcomers navigate the vast landscape of mVAS and make informed decisions.

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As a beginner affiliate in the mVAS, it's important to choose categories that offer a good balance of profitability and ease of entry.

Here are verticals/categories that can be a good starting point.


Can the Adult niche be legal?” We answer: “Yes! It’s possible in mVAS vertical.”

Because so many people use mobile devices, there is a big demand for adult content on mobile platforms.

High demand - great prospects!

Also, the adult vertical has fewer affiliates and advertisers, providing beginners a better opportunity to stand out.

We recommend starting with African countries where CR is skyrocketing!

Remember: some traffic sources are not suitable for adult offers due to restrictions and regulations.


The average person spends 3 to 5 hours on their phone daily. It's giving you a big potential audience.

Such offers provide ready-made creatives, so you can start promoting without creating everything yourself.

Also, they are cheap to test and do not lose a lot of money at the beginning.

Our advice is to start from T3 countries. There is a huge potential for profits.

Almost everyone loves games and useful applications too. The key is to come up with a catchy creative without misleading.


It's particularly great for beginners since everyone enjoys the feeling of winning.

And here, Goose comes with a tone of sweeps offers for every taste.

Opt for Tier 2 and 3 countries since the traffic is very cheap.

And remember to use pre-landers!
Whatever category you choose, try to stick to the tips below, and you will always be on top:

- Keep an eye on Traffic requirements
- Don't just focus on the highest Payout
- Don't rely solely on eEPC
- Split Test Offers to find the best
- Use pre-landers
- Stay connected with your manager.